Otard XO干邑白蘭地

         It was at the Château de Cognac, in 1494, that François Ier, - one of the greatest Kings of France - was born. Three centuries later, the Baron OTARD showed a marvellous sense of intuition, when he decided to age his stocks of fine cognac within the massive walls of the same chateau. The unchanging temperature and an atmosphere that is never too dry or too damp provide perfect conditions for the ageing of great cognac. This is perhaps one of the secrets that give Cognac OTARD, the only one matured in the Château de Cognac, the individual character that has appealed so persuasively to connoisseurs.

酒廠: Otard

產區: 法國干邑區

原料: 葡萄

容量: 75cl

酒精度(Vol%): 40%



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